Our Clinic is well-equipped to perform most minor and major surgical procedures,from spays and neuters, to orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries

The Veterinary Clinic Offers :

* Health Examinations & Consultations

* Vaccinations

* Microchip & Preparation for Traveling

* Digital X-Ray & Ultrasound

* Dentistry

* Hospitalisation

* Blood Sampling

* Internal Medicine

* Soft Tissue Surgery

* Orthopedics                                 

Dentristry s

    Tartar removal

C - section s
  • English Bulldog C-Section
Ultrasound s

      Bladder Stones

Surgery s


Cherry s

      Cherry Eye

X-Ray s

      Femoral Metaphyseal Fracture

Ascites s


Gastric Torsion s

    Gastric Torsion

Ascites ultrasound s


Foreign Body s

    Intestinal Foreign Body

Grass seed s

    Grass Seed

Orthopedic Surgery s

    Radial & Ulnar Fractures